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Vindow is the world’s first AI powered solution that significantly streamlines how group accommodations are sourced by providing the most transparent and efficient marketplace for hoteliers and group buyers to conduct transactions.
Vindow’s radical and innovative solution re-writes the rules on how group accommodations are sourced.

Using Vindow AI Powered Technology

Any Group, Any Size

Before Vindow, only professional buyers and event planners had access to the tools and expertise to successfully navigate the choppy waters of group accommodation sourcing. Small groups, novice planners, or occasional buyers were left to fend for themselves, often overpaying for rooms with unfavorable contract terms.

Vindow makes it easy for anyone to create and distribute a complete RFP that generates multiple, competitive bids from appropriate hotels.

Conquer Contracts

Finding the perfect venue is only half the battle. Contracting can be a tedious and uncertain process. With Vindow, all contract negotiations can be done within the system, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails.

Our user-friendly Contract module uses pre-filled fields, based on your RFP information, to expedite the process and make sure nothing is left to chance.

For long-stays and crew accommodations, Vindow sends notifications when a contract is about to expire to ensure continuity of service for your travelers.

Source Smarter

Vindow provides full transparency to all transactional parties every step of the way, so you’re always in control.

  • Powerful filters help identify the venues that fit your group’s exact needs and preferences.
  • Track every stage of your RFP lifecycle with Audit Trails that help expedite progression.
  • Vindow’s RFP response matrix simplifies decision-making by letting you weigh competing hotel offers aligned side-by-side.

Accelerate Real Growth. Streamline Your Processes.

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